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Tuesday, Dec. 11th 2018

Senior Retirement Residence In Kansas City Feels Like Home

A senior retirement residence is home to many Kansas City senior adults but not all of them provide a comfortable environment that feels like home. Many senior living homes have changed dramatically in recent years, losing the homey ambience people want. Most of the seniors who have chosen assisted living, low-income senior apartments or independent living communities prefer a senior retirement residence to that of a conventional facility.

Let’s take a look at reasons why many elderly adults prefer a senior retirement residence.

Staying Interested
Many aging seniors exhibit symptoms of apathy and boredom, often because they are just not being stimulated in a way that helps them stay mentally and socially engaged. In a high quality senior living community there are many interesting things to see or do that will inhibit boredom. Many senior residences offer various types of entertainment and activities, both on-site and in the local area. Activities such as day trips to see local sites of interest, attending plays and musical events (especially during the holidays) or joining a group to visit the art museum can be very beneficial to seniors. A holiday shopping trip to the mall is another great way to keep seniors involved and active. Many nursing homes and other senior living facilities do not provide these types of activities to their residents.

Eating Healthy
Residents at conventional senior living facilities often do not have healthy eating habits and this can impact people with health concerns. In a modern senior retirement residence seniors are provided with a healthy variety of meal choices, relieving them of the need to shop for food or prepare their own meals. Residents who need special diets are also provided with exactly what they need.

Family Relationships
Aging adults usually rely on their grown children or extended family members to help them when they become ill or physically weakened. This can lead to strained relationships, hurt feelings and animosity between family members. The full-time caregivers at the senior living facility can relieve adult children of guilt or inadequate feelings while ensuring the elderly parents remain cheerful and satisfied. With more independence seniors no longer have to worry about depending on their children for everything and can enjoy their freedom. Everyone is happier by being able to spend some quality time together. 

Giving Up Driving
As people age their driving skills start to deteriorate and they may not be as mentally alert as they used to be. Driving can become very stressful for senior citizens. A reputed senior retirement residence offers free transportation for residents so no one needs to worry about accidents due to the senior’s diminished capabilities. 

Staying Social
Senior citizens living alone get depressed and lose interest in being around people. They are missing out on the pleasure, enjoyment and fun that could keep them engaged and socially active. Participating in social activities helps keep them physically healthy and mentally sharp. The best senior retirement residence provides a range of activities that help keep seniors engaged, including attending lectures on interesting topics, playing poker, chess or bridge, getting actively involved with reading groups and more.

New Friends
When living alone senior adults often feel isolated and it can have an adverse affect on their health. At an active senior retirement residence older people have more opportunities to make friends and avoid loneliness. Consistent, caring staff are dedicated to assisting residents in living life to the best of their ability. 

Safety & Security
Keeping residents safe when they move to a senior retirement residence is a high priority for staff members. Residents have maximum protection from crime, which allows them to experience peace of mind in a secure environment. Emergency response systems are in place to eliminate all types of risks and dangers including injury or falls.

Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays. Sadly, many people feel
more isolated and unhappy during this season, especially the elderly

If your elderly parent, spouse, friend or neighbor seems depressed, try to do something that will lift their spirits. Here are a few ideas to help brighten your loved one’s holidays.
  • Actively listen when they want to talk. Be respectful.
  • Remind them how important they are in your life.
  • Ask family and friends to send a card, photograph or drawing, or come for a visit.
  • Help them decorate their home or room for the holidays with familiar items from home.
  • Take traditional baked goods or treats on your visits that they can share with their friends.
The most important thing you can do with a senior to make them feel loved is to give them the gift of your time. Look at family photo albums, watch home videos or holiday movies, listen to seasonal music or do crafts together. Regardless of what you decide to do together, any amount of time you spend with them is a precious gift.

A large number of senior citizens in Kansas City live alone in unhealthy and unsafe conditions, feeling lonely, depressed and isolated. Life at a senior retirement residence overcomes these conditions in the best possible way.

We are proud that in Kansas City, many elderly people turn to Clover Care Home. We offer many options for senior living so that people may live in comfort and safety and enjoy life. Call us today to schedule a meeting to learn more about what we can offer you or your loved one. 

Call 1-866-477-3715 6320 Zarda Drive Shawnee, KS 66226


The care our mom has received at Clover Care has been nothing short of exceptional. The country setting helps to add to the inviting atmosphere in which our mom has thrived. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Clover Care has made a difficult situation seem like a natural transition in life. We would recommend it to anyone looking for long term care of a loved one.

- Jeanne D. & Vicki L.

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