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Tuesday, Mar. 14th 2023

How Do You Talk About Dementia Assisted Living to a Patient?

A dementia assisted living facility with Clover Care Home should feel like a ‘home’ you’d want your mom to live in. Many people ask the question, “can someone with dementia live in assisted living?” The answer is yes, as long as their assisted living facility is equipped with the right personnel, personalized life enrichment programs, and excellent health care. We built Clover Care for our own family, and we hold up that same standard with everything that we do.

We believe our residents in dementia assisted living deserve one-on-one time. Person-centered care is a part of our standard of care and meaningful interactions build good relationships between our staff and residents. If you’re worried that your parent has Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, there are signs to look for that are beyond the scope of “normal” aging. Many older adults have trouble recalling someone’s name or forgetting an appointment occasionally, but how do you know if their struggles are normal for their age or signs of dementia? Memory loss that consistently disrupts someone’s daily life could indicate dementia. Significant indications that dementia may be developing into an issue are:

  • Difficulty handling their finances, managing their budget, or losing track of paying monthly bills.
  • Problems concentrating on a conversation or losing track of what they’re doing while preparing a meal.
  • Becoming confused or growing suspicious, fearful, anxious, or depressed.
  • Other personality changes such as getting easily upset and lashing out.
Beyond the forgetfulness, dementia symptoms can include delusions, agitation, extreme personality changes, confusion, and disorientation that can put you and your loved ones at risk. Although dementia signs and severity vary, there are many support techniques that dementia care can employ to improve conversations with loved ones. There are many helpful strategies for communicating with someone with dementia about a dementia assisted living facility when the time is right. This can be a sensitive and challenging conversation to have with a loved one, but here are some tips to help make the conversation as comfortable and productive as possible:

  • Try putting yourself in their shoes and understand that the idea of moving to a new place may be frightening or overwhelming for them. Show empathy and respect for their feelings and perspectives.
  • People with dementia may have difficulty processing complex information, so it is important to use simple and clear language when discussing assisted living. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that may be confusing.
  • Instead of focusing on the negatives of their current situation, highlight the benefits of moving to assisted living, such as access to specialized care, socialization opportunities, and a safer environment.
  • Allow your loved one to have a say in the decision-making process as much as possible. Listen to their concerns and preferences, and work together to find a solution that meets their needs and wishes.
  • Let them know that they will not be alone in this process and that they will have the support of family, friends, and healthcare professionals every step of the way.
Some other helpful tips when talking to someone with dementia are to get the person’s attention before speaking, address them by name, and identify yourself and your relationship with them; avoid unnecessary distractions by turning off the TV or moving to another location, sit at their level and maintain eye contact, and use nonverbal cues and touch; use simple words and sentences, and speak slowly, enunciating each word, while asking simple, answerable questions, one question at a time; yes or no answers work best; most importantly do NOT raise your voice; be patient and repeat or rephrase your comments or questions if they have difficulty understanding. Do not argue with or contradict a person with dementia!

If you are in Kansas City and are looking for a dementia assisted living facility, Clover Care is a place where you can be sure your loved one is taken care of, just like at home. For more information, contact us either online or at (913) 991-2605 with any questions you have regarding dementia assisted living.


The care our mom has received at Clover Care has been nothing short of exceptional. The country setting helps to add to the inviting atmosphere in which our mom has thrived. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Clover Care has made a difficult situation seem like a natural transition in life. We would recommend it to anyone looking for long term care of a loved one.

- Jeanne D. & Vicki L.

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