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Tuesday, Feb. 9th 2021

Dementia Assisted Living in Kansas City Supports Memory Care

Dementia assisted living is a wonderful option for a person with memory loss to receive specialized care and support in a safe, comfortable environment. The diminished cognitive abilities for someone living with dementia can lead to increasing difficulties with one’s memory, language skills, judgment, and attention, all of which can have an impact on a person’s normal social, personal, and working life. While the disease affects people at different rates, someone with dementia will most certainly need extra care of some kind.

Dementia is a collection of symptoms that result from damage to the brain caused by different diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, or vascular disorders. Symptoms vary according to the part of the brain that is damaged. Different types of dementia can affect people differently, and everyone will experience symptoms in their own way. Some common early symptoms include memory loss, difficulty concentrating, or carrying out familiar daily tasks, struggling to follow a conversation or find the right word, mood changes, and confusion. Symptoms are often mild but very gradually worsen. It’s often termed “mild cognitive impairment” (MCI) as the symptoms are not severe enough to be diagnosed as dementia.

As dementia progresses, memory loss and difficulties with communication often become severe. In the later stages, the person is likely to neglect their own health, and require constant care and attention. Dementia assisted living provides the type of care people need, however, not all assisted living provides the type of skilled nursing care the person needs. Some assisted living facilities offer just basic services like meal preparation and housekeeping; others may offer more comprehensive care for things like medication management and help with the activities of daily living. 

Clover Care Home dementia assisted living supports seniors with various stages of memory loss and cognitive disorders or physical, psychiatric, or developmental disabilities. We have a dedicated professional nursing staff that allows us to ensure the highest levels of care and safety to help maintain a high quality of life for each resident. Our trained caregivers work to improve residents’ cognitive skills through different treatments and practices that are designed to stimulate brain cells and encourage interaction with others.

Residents of Clover Care Home dementia assisted living will receive specialized care and support in a community that helps them enjoy their day-to-day life. We provide a full continuum of care designed specifically for the personal needs of each resident. If you’re looking for dementia assisted living in Kansas City, give us a call at Clover Care Home. We’re conveniently located in Shawnee, Kansas, and we offer the highest quality of life with specialized 24/7 care, fresh-cooked meals, fun events, and comfortable living accommodations.   

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The care our mom has received at Clover Care has been nothing short of exceptional. The country setting helps to add to the inviting atmosphere in which our mom has thrived. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Clover Care has made a difficult situation seem like a natural transition in life. We would recommend it to anyone looking for long term care of a loved one.

- Jeanne D. & Vicki L.

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