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Tuesday, May. 9th 2017

Clover Care Home for Elderly Long Term Care Dementia/Alzheimer’s Patients

Elderly long term care for a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be difficult for an in-home caregiver. Unexpected events occur requiring unplanned trips. Perhaps there is no emergency, you would just like to have a vacation. In home caregivers tend to get stressed and frustrated without a backup plan in place and even then their plans are not fail proof. What would happen should your family members be unavailable to help on short notice? Deciding to stop caring for your loved one on your own and finding a good place for them can be just as stressful and frustrating.

That is where an elderly long term care facility like Clover Care Home comes in to assist you and your family. We here tell of how some facilities will not accept certain types of patients; however, our facilities are made especially for elderly long term care. The comfort of our residents comes first. We operate a well maintained, home-like environment. Our care for your loved one does not stop when the lights go out, which is why a nurse is on staff at Clover Care Home and we run 24 hours a day, staffed with individuals specifically trained in caring for dementia related disorders.

We understand that some residents are just prone to wandering and Clover Care Home does not turn you away if that is the case for your elderly long term care. We provide supervision of residents and encourage them to be mobile and as self-sufficient as possible. Our residents are encouraged to attend to daily activities such as grooming and toileting. Residents may be allowed to keep a dog or cat.

Some seniors can find change especially confusing and upsetting. Our staff are passionate about enhancing each and every resident’s quality of life, and residents are treated with kindness and respect for their dignity at all times. He or she will benefit from time spent with others who are having similar experiences, and will have the opportunity to participate in therapeutic activities that are designed to match their personal abilities and needs and that help keep residents active and engaged. We strive to make every day meaningful and fun for our elderly long term care residents. Our Life Enrichment program offers regularly scheduled activities such as music therapy, Pets-For-Life visits, exercise, cooking, crafts and outings. Healthy, nutritious meals planned for each resident’s specific dietary needs are served.elderly long term care clover care home

It’s normal to be apprehensive about trying something new, and we understand you may have concerns about using respite care, one of which may include the cost and how to pay for services. The staff at Clover Care Home will be able to provide you with options available to you.


The care our mom has received at Clover Care has been nothing short of exceptional. The country setting helps to add to the inviting atmosphere in which our mom has thrived. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Clover Care has made a difficult situation seem like a natural transition in life. We would recommend it to anyone looking for long term care of a loved one.

- Jeanne D. & Vicki L.

Clover Care Corner

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