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Tuesday, Mar. 8th 2022

Alzheimer’s Long Term Care In Kansas City: 5 Steps When Picking A Long Term Care Facility

Quality Alzheimer’s long term care in Kansas City can be difficult to find, however, there are some things you should be looking for when thinking of a long term care facility. At Clover Care Home, we understand that all stages of life are important and quality care is essential. Here are five steps to picking a long term care facility:

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Alzheimers Long Term Care In Kansas City Should Include A Professional Staff And Individual Care Plans

Professionally Trained Staff

A knowledgeable and well-trained staff is a non-negotiable aspect of finding Alzheimer’s long term care in Kansas City. We strive to provide a safe, welcoming environment with our 24-hour professionally-trained staff, which includes nurse oversight, person-centered care, medical management and administration, and monthly visits from a physician or practitioner.

Life Enrichment Activities

We provide life enrichment activities that continue to provide accomplishment through joy and purpose in daily activities. Furthermore, we understand that a person is not just who they are now in the present, but that their entire life was and is a result of many experiences, all of which may be useful in quality Alzheimer’s long term care in Kansas City.

Healthy Dining Options

Alzheimer’s long term care in Kansas City should also include healthy dining options. At our facility, we include our residents in home cooking with health eating choices. We not only love home cooking and health eating, but we insist on it. Our personal cook, Laura, is dedicated to menu planning, nutritious meal prep, and cooking personalized meals our residents thoroughly enjoy.

Individual Care Plans

It is important that each person is treated as an individual, and having specified care plans is important to making sure their overall health is being taken care of.

Fall/Wander Prevention Program

We know that part of Alzheimer’s long term care in Kansas City includes a fall and wander prevention program. Sometimes elderly residents have the tendency to wander and can get into fall accidents. Having a plan in place, as well as video monitoring for resident safety is important.

We know that it is difficult when making the decision to place your loved one in Alzheimer’s long term care in Kansas City, and make sure these steps  (and more) are part of our standard of care.

If you are in Kansas City and feel the need to begin the process of placing your loved one in our Alzheimer’s long term care in Kansas City facility, contact us today to schedule a visit, or feel free to call our administrator at (913) 991-2605 to discuss any questions you have regarding the level of care your loved one will experience.

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The care our mom has received at Clover Care has been nothing short of exceptional. The country setting helps to add to the inviting atmosphere in which our mom has thrived. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Clover Care has made a difficult situation seem like a natural transition in life. We would recommend it to anyone looking for long term care of a loved one.

- Jeanne D. & Vicki L.

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